Was passiert, seine Caydin gehen, und ich spreche hier in Deutsch! Ich werde Deutsch lernen, weil es auch andere erstaunliche Sprache. Ich möchte Deutsch mit den Menschen in Deutschland oder einfach Leute, die Deutsch sprechen können sprechen lernen. Nun, das ist alles, was ich so sagen Frieden!


El español es un lenguaje sorprendente. Me gustaría poder hablar español, porque si yo pudiera hablar español durante todo el día, todos los días, a todo el mundo. Con el tiempo voy a aprender español y sólo unas pocas personas sabrán lo que estoy diciendo. Así que hasta ese día vienen de aprender español me va a usar traductor Google.


What are the similarities between the struggle between Mandela and King? What are the differences? Both were put in jail for fighting for what’s right. Nelson Mandela was born free and Martin Luther King wasn’t.

Why was the poem important for Mandela and used as the title for the movie? Because Invictus means unconcerable and he wouldn’t give up until he got what his people needed and he would use this as an inspiration to keep his mind on what he should do.

What are the qualities of a hero? Bravery, Courage, Chivalry, Determined, and Smart.

The End

Some weeks later, Watson questions Holmes about the Baskerville case. Holmes reveals that Stapleton is the son of Rodger Baskerville, Sir Charles’ younger brother, and with the same name as his father. Having learned the story of the hound, he resolved to kill off the remaining Baskervilles so that he could come into the inheritance as the last of the line. He had no interest in the estate and simply wanted the inheritance money. He purchased the hound and hid it in the mire at the site of an abandoned tin mine.On the night of his death, Sir Charles had been waiting for Laura Lyons. Sir Charles ran for his life, but then had the fatal heart attack which killed him. Since dogs do not eat or bite dead bodies, it left him there untouched.The hound pursued Selden to his death in a fall because he was wearing Sir Henry’s old clothes. On the night the hound attacked Sir Henry, Stapleton’s wife had refused to have any further part in Stapleton’s plot, but her abusive husband beat and tied her to a pole to prevent her from warning him.

The Hounds Of Baskerville Pt. 2

Mortimer, Watson, and Sir Henry set off for Baskerville Hall the following Saturday. The baronet is excited to see it and his connection with the land is clear, but the mood is soon dampened. Soldiers are about the area, on the lookout for the escaped convict Selden, who committed a vicious murder. Barrymore and his wife tell the baronet they wish to depart Baskerville Hall as soon as is convenient, and the Hall is, in general, a somber place. Watson has trouble sleeping that night, and hears a woman sobbing. The next morning Barrymore denies that it was his wife, who is one of only two women in the house. Watson sees Mrs. Barrymore later in the morning, however, and observes clear evidence that she has indeed been weeping. Watson checks with the postmaster in Grimpen village and learns that the telegram was not actually delivered into the hands of Barrymore, so it is no longer certain that he was at the Hall, and not in London.